About Us

A family business with more than 30 years of experience,
committed to its values of quality, sustainability and development.

From 1984, the company Diego Zamora and son SRL is a continuation of the production activity of lemons of the Zamora family.
The production of lemons is carried out in own farms and from third parties, leased, currently totaling 1200 hectares with more than 270,000 lemons plants in production all certified under international quality standards that guarantee traceability and
reliability of your product from the beginning of the harvest until the transfer to its final destination.
In 1994 the company made its first export of fruit.
From the result of this experience, it made the decision to build a packing plant to process his own fruit and fruit compared to other producers in Tucumán, in addition to carrying out 'Packing' services to third parties.

Our Brands

Satisfaction of guaranteed demand, in a framework of unsurpassed quality.

Applied technology

We worry about considering all the technological innovations
that can be incorporated into our processes.

"The objective of the company is to be a specialist in lemon management, with a direct and personal relationship with its customers."
Unsurpassed quality
As a result of the rigorous application of homologated, sustainable and efficient processes.
We export our products to important destinations around the world.