Quality Management

Processes approved to reach the highest standards

ZAMORA CITRUS aims to satisfy the needs of its customers with the best reliable product and that meets all the requirements and guarantees that the buyer and the consumer need.

It trains its personnel with courses dictated by a specialist in the topics of Safety, Hygiene and how to perform their tasks, in order to enable them to have priority in different positions that can improve their quality of life.


Current certifications granted to Zamora Citrus

Besides having GLOBAL GAP, GRASP, SMETA standards and HACCP and BRC quality and safety system certification

we work to improve the conditions in each of the processes adapting them to the demands of consumers.

Quality and Safety Policies

Homologated processes to reach the highest standards

DIEGO ZAMORA AND SON S.R.L. has determined as its quality and safety policy, to satisfy the needs of its customers with a product according to their requirements, safe, reliable and that meets all the requirements and guarantees that the buyer and consumer needs, producing safe, legal and of superior quality.

This policy of quality and safety is supported by the management and known, understood and accepted by each of the people that make up our company.

PRODUCE… safeguarding the Environment and working according to Good Agricultural Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices and Environmental Norms.

SELECT… suppliers mainly for their commitment to quality, safety and environmental respect.

OFFER… the customer all the necessary information about our product. Ensure the assurance of the highest possible quality in the performance of each task, the prompt delivery and the correct presentation of the product at the time of arrival to the client.

ENSURE… the order and internal cleaning of our facilities and processes as they are indispensable values to achieve the commitment of quality and safety assumed.

ACHIEVE… for our workers a work environment of understanding and mutual respect, complying with the rules of safety and hygiene, order and cleanliness, that dignify and improve their quality of life.

TRAIN… permanently our staff in technical and hygienic handling issues of our products to always be the best.

COMPLY… with the legal requirements related to obtaining food products.

PROVIDE… permanent support to the community and its technical educational institutions through school internships. Maintain a cordial relationship with neighbors.

BASAR… our quality management and safety programs in the requirements of the GLOBAL GAP, HACCP and BRC British Retail Consortium standards.

Our Brands

Products according to market needs

Our different brands offer products aimed at satisfying the diverse needs of our customers around the world.