"The GOAL of the company is be a specialist in management
of the lemon with a direct and personal relationship
with their customer”

Since 1984: The company Diego Zamora e Hijo S.R.L. was established as a continuation of the activity of lemons production from the Zamora family.

The lemon production is developed in own farms and third-parties, actually  there are 600 has with more than 135.000 lemons plants on production, all certified by standards norms of quality that  guarantee traceability and trust product from harvest to destination.

1994: The company made its first export of fruit.
After of this experience decided to build a packing house to process their own fruit and fruit from other producers from Tucumán.


1996: It starts working the packing house located in TafÍ Viejo, Tucumán province.

Between 2003 and 2006 incorporates pre-selection technology, post harvest treatments and cold storages to conservation.

2008: Export their production in a direct form. Developing their brands: ZAMORA - ZAMCI - SAN ANDRES - CANRI and BLUMA.

2011: It is completely renewed the Packing House, installing the most modern pre-selection lines and packaging of the market. For a better efficiency, doubling production capacity, reducing process times and lower energy consumptive.