The Harvest

A first step towards maximum quality

We currently have 1200 hectares with over 270,000 lemon plants distributed in the best lemon production area in the world.

The production activity of lemons is carried out in own farms and by leased third parties. All of them are certified under GLOBAL GAP, GRASP and SMETA standards.
Likewise, all our employees are trained with Safety and Hygiene standards so that they can carry out their work safely.
The harvest is done manually and is kept in refrigerators located in the packing plant, until its later incorporation into the logistics process.

Tafí Viejo, Tucumán

The national capital of lemon

Tafí Viejo is an Argentine city in the province of Tucumán, located 20 km northwest of San Miguel de Tucumán; it is the head of the homonymous department.
It is the national capital of the lemon because it is the largest citrus producing and exporting region in the world; there the National Festival of Lemon is celebrated every year.

It began as a summer village near the provincial capital, although its growth and development as a city is intimately linked to the railway workshops.

These brought a great boost due to the multiplying effect of an undertaking of such magnitude. So important source of work seduced workers from other provinces and foreigners that swelled the population of the town. On June 2, 1939, he obtained the title of municipality.

Zamora Citrus has most of its installed capacity in the area, obtaining total optimization in its daily operation, by carrying out its processes in an efficient and synergistic manner.

Our Brands

Products according to market needs

Our different brands offer products aimed at satisfying the diverse needs of our customers around the world.